Warehouse Contractor

Warehouse Contractor

Warehouse Contractor With 60 Years Of Experience

Diversified Construction warehouse contractors have many years of experience. We offer in-house design services and a dedicated project team. Our team strives to make sure that your facility has all it needs to function efficiently and that all your goods can be processed with minimal turnaround time. 

Warehouse Design Options

Trust our warehouse contractors to design and build of your facility with solutions for storage, office space, loading docks for shipping and receiving, light industrial space and computer centers.

As your warehouse general contractor we offer the following design options:

  • Heated and Unheated General Warehouses
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Controlled Humidity Warehouses
  • Specially Designed Warehouses to meet strict requirements for liquid storage (fuel and non propellants), flammable and combustible storage, radioactive material storage, hazardous, chemical and ammunition storage

Our warehouse contractors can implement an array of features in your design such as: higher bays, sophisticated materials-handling equipment, broadband connectivity access, and additional distribution networks. We also evaluate storage alternatives, picking alternatives, material handling equipment as well as the processes to meet your physical and operational requirements. Our warehouse construction includes flexibility to accommodate future operations and storage requirements. 

As Your Trusted Warehouse Building Contractors We Will:

  • Optimize space utilization in order to provide ample circulation paths for operational staff and material handling equipment like forklifts. 
  • Optimize the layout and configuration of your warehouse operation, including efficient circulation and material handling and storage processes.
  • Evaluate and improve the flow of interior and exterior receiving and shipping operations of your goods through the facility
  • Build separate receiving and shipping areas in order to prevent traffic

Energy Efficient Solutions

  • Design and build your warehouse facility to integrate passive solar and building load requirements
  • Reduce HVAC loads and overall energy consumption
  • Design interior dock space for colder climates to minimize energy consumption and offer comfortable cold weather working conditions for operational staff
  • Reduce heat stratification as well as provide good air movement.
  • Increase ceiling surface reflectivity, promote better lighting efficiency and added worker comfort without any additional energy cost
  • Energy efficient fixtures and appliances like motion sensor instant-on lighting in key areas


Sturdy, Reliable Roofing

As your warehouse general contractor we can help identify and recommend the most appropriate roofing material for your facility based on the location, size, and usage requirements. When selecting a material we consider track record, longevity and dependability to endure the harshest weather conditions.

Structurally Sound Flooring

Flooring is an integral part of warehouse construction as floors take the majority of the traffic in any warehouse setup. They need to be constructed perfectly in order to prevent accidents as well as ensure long-term functionality and durability. For warehouse flooring, your storage requirements and movements will ultimately dictate your flooring requirements. As your warehouse contractor we'll make decisions about the flooring based on the types of racking layouts and forklifts your operator needs to use. Warehouse floors fall into one of two types: Free moving – forklifts may be driven along non-defined routes or Defined moving – the vehicles run in defined and fixed paths with the assistance of a guidance system. We'll incorporate the best flooring solutions to meet your needs.


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