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Diversified Construction is here to help you achieve your warehouse remodeling goals, time frame and budget. We are warehouse remodelers that offer end-to-end warehouse remodel solutions that are in line with your goals and project requirements. We can renovate your warehouse in order to help you maximize every available space to improve your operations.  

Warehouse Remodel Services You Can Expect to Have:

1. Expert warehouse remodel guidance from beginning to end.
2. Timely completion of the project.
3. Accommodate current and future business requirements
4. Excellent customer care
5. Minimal disruption of your business flow
6. High quality end results that you will surely love

Capturing Efficiency and Savings Through Design

The goal of warehouse remodeling companies is to improve efficiency and savings for clients. As leading warehouse remodelers we implement this essential aspect of renovation through our design concepts and philosophy.

Design-Build and Model

Today’s warehouses are more sophisticated than ever before, with increasingly numerous building systems all vying for the limited space. Since all building systems need to seamlessly work with one another in order to support operations, it makes sense to coordinate the remodel of each major building system to generate a holistic design that creates a more efficient facility compared to the current one. A facility that uses the best-value solutions that offers the best bang for your buck. Our warehouse remodeling approach centers on the Design-Build method. It goes like this: We shall form a project team consisting of our architects and other essential personnel whose main responsibility is delivering the project on time and on budget. The warehouse remodelers and trade contractors shall advise on cost, schedule and constructability of the project during the design phase and identify the best solutions moving forward. This warehouse remodeling team approach offers a lot of advantages to clients. For instance, if you want to remodel your warehouse to utilize the AS/AR systems with conveyors, you will likely hire a trade contractor that specializes in those systems. However, your facility must be correctly equipped to handle the ultra-heavy point loads that are associated with the AS/AR systems. In order to get the best results you will need your architect to work in coordination with your specialty contractors early on in order to fully implement complex systems like KIVA, conveyors, pick pods and AS/RS rack systems. With over 50 years of experience, our warehouse remodeling team is already in partnership with specialty contractors to ensure they are not competing with one another or with other design elements for the limited space. All loads are accounted for and you achieve an ideal workflow that dictates all aspects of the facility design. This is what the Design-Build process is all about. The project team works from beginning to end in order to provide a better build around your warehouse remodel.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Over the years we have discovered many sustainable warehouse remodeling solutions that not only reduce energy use but also offer excellent cost savings as well. Zone lighting is one such measure we can implement for your warehouse remodel. We can set up automated lighting controls that work in unison with warehouse activity. The lighting may be programmed to turn on when there is activity in specified areas and turned off during downtimes. It can be as big or as small as what you require and the savings for you will be tremendous. Other options include daylighting and passive solar design. By remodeling your facility in an optimal manner through designing the right windows and skylights, our team can use the sun for both light and heat. Apart from the obvious energy savings, these solutions also can improve morale and boost worker productivity.

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