What are the Characteristics of a Good Office Space

March 13, 2023

Characteristics of a Superb Office Space

Employees should look forward to going into the office. An office space with great amenities, and that showcases a company’s values, culture, and identity will go a long way towards achieving that goal. Thoughtful layout and decor ensures higher efficiency, stronger company culture, and more personable interactions with clients.


Branding plays a significant role in creating a great office space, as it is the physical representation of a company’s work culture. The color palette, logo, decor, and furniture all play a role in a company’s branding – it’s how a company will stand out and be recognized.

Branding an office space is also beneficial for the employees, as it sets the tone for the working environment. Whether it’s formal or creative, each office space should be a reflection of the company’s identity.

For example, a real estate office may desire a modern space with sleek and simple touches, while a graphic design agency may want a contemporary space with pops of color.

workspace division unique layout needs for their office

Workspace Division

Every company will have unique layout needs for their office. Certain companies may want a large communal work space, as it allows the employees to work in unison and easily collaborate. Other companies, such as law firms, may require their employees to have more privacy with enclosed offices. Your architect can help develop a space plan to determine the best use of space and layout for your needs.

Recreational Spaces

Providing recreational spaces allows employees to escape the work environment, recharge and return to work refreshed.

Utilizing outdoor space is an excellent option, since the sun is proven to boost people's energy and mood. Whether it's a garden or patio, enjoying the outdoor weather is a great way to break up the day.

Other spaces like an office kitchen or break room provide a space for employees to eat their lunch away from their desk and connect with one another.

Easy Access to Parking

Reliable and consistent parking is a huge selling point for companies. (Let's face it – nobody wants to commute to work just to spend time searching for a parking spot!) Providing office spaces with designated parking lots or garages will ensure an easier day for all employees and visitors.


Office decor has the ability to make an office space come alive and differentiate from others. Examples of good office decor are:

- Ample amounts of greenery
- Art pieces
- Ergonomic Furniture


It’s no secret the best lighting is natural lighting. Companies desire office spaces with a lot of natural sunlight, as it’s proven to have a direct correlation with work productivity. Artificial lighting like recessed lights or lighting with dimming features are a great addition to natural light. Below are the differences in natural lighting and artificial lighting:

Natural Lighting:
- Boosts mood
- Improves health
- Increases productivity

Artificial Lighting:
- Lowers mood
- Causes headaches, eye strain, and blurred vision

Bonus Amenities

office buildings that provide bonus amenities

Office buildings that provide bonus amenities easily stand out among competitors. Some sought-after amenities include:

- Lounges
- Fitness Centers
- Dining Options
- Child Care Centers
- Retail Shops

The amenities listed above create easy and smooth days for employees. They won’t have to wander far to get lunch, wake up earlier to exercise, or have to coordinate drop-off and pick-up for childcare.

Conclusion - What are the Characteristics of a Good Office Space

In conclusion, office space characteristics play an important role in the employees everyday lives. From branding and decor to parking and amenities – there is a lot to consider before choosing a new space. Working with the right team will help ensure you select the right spot and design it to your specific needs.

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