Commercial Builders Edina, MN

Commercial Builders Edina, MN

Commercial Construction Services in Edina, MN

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Diversified Construction is the premier Edina MN commercial builder. Located in Hennepin County with a population of 53,000, Edina is known as one of the most affluent suburbs in the Twin Cities.

The community offers residents numerous dining and shopping options, as well as highly rated schools. Edina is considered one of the best places to live in Minnesota and there are many reasons why people love to call this city their home.


The city of Edina is a mere 15-minute drive to downtown Minneapolis, and 25 minutes to downtown St. Paul.


Edina is ideal for people who are looking to have a more community-based lifestyle, while still having the option to enjoy the bustling city life of Minneapolis, creating the best of both worlds.

Excellent Education

The Edina Public School District is nationally recognized and can offer students an excellent education, as well as superb athletic programs and extracurricular activities.

There are currently around 8,500 students in the district through six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Edina also has an award winning Early Learning Center, which offers early education opportunities for kids ages 0-5. The Edina Public School District offers opportunities for students of all ages.

Strong Family-Oriented Community

When it comes to deciding where to live, safety should be one of the top priorities. Edina is one of the highest ranked suburbs of Minneapolis for safety and security.


The city has a very low crime rate, with an 84% lower rate compared to the Minnesota average, and an 89% lower rate compared to the national average.

Convenient & Accessible

Edina is known for its accessibility and convenience, from the abundance of grocery stores, and restaurants, to the outdoor recreational options like parks and lakes. Several major highways run through the city, making it an accessible ride to and from the metropolitan area. Metro Transit offers bus service from Edina throughout the city, and the MSP International Airport is only a short distance away.


Diversified Construction is located a short two miles away from the City of Edina. We have performed hundreds of projects within the city in our 50+ years of being in business. If your Edina-based business is in need of remodeling, you can trust us to be your primary contractor.


Why Choose Us

8 Point Construction Process

At Diversified Construction, we use the highest quality workmanship and construction methods to ensure your remodeling project is done properly and efficiently. We have developed an 8-point-process to follow that guarantees your project will be completed successfully.

  1. We’ll establish one Project Manager to work with you from inception to completion, eliminating typical confusion when projects are handed off from person to person.
  2. Define and discuss the details of your project to minimize stress and have a clear goal, budget, and timeline.
  3. If an architect is needed for your project, we will align you with one who has the capabilities and experience perfect for it.
  4. Once designed, your Project Manager will submit the plans to subcontractors for pricing. We will carefully review each proposal and proposed materials to select the right bidder for your project, not just the lowest bidder.
  5. Once we’ve selected the ideal subcontractor team, we’ll create a detailed proposal for you. We eliminate gray areas by detailing what your proposal includes, and what it does not, so you know what to expect right from the start.
  6. Ensure all necessary permits are approved and obtained prior to construction.
  7. During construction, your project manager will work closely with subcontractors to give regular updates and ensure timely completion.
  8. We will lead you through a post-construction walkthrough for assurance the completed project has exceeded your expectations.

Diversified Construction is a commercial building and remodeling company serving the greater Twin Cities Metropolitan Area with over 60 years of experience. If your business is in need of remodeling, we can help you throughout the design and construction process. We understand the complexities of commercial remodeling and how thorough planning and coordination is the key to a successful project outcome. We place high value on communication with our clients and understanding their business goals, which in turn guarantees satisfaction. Allow us to be your contractor in the beautiful city of Edina, Minnesota. Contact us today to discuss your commercial construction project goals.

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