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When it comes to commercial projects the best people for the job are commercial builders. Commercial spaces are huge investments no doubt. Time, money and reputation are all on the line and it is only but natural that you select commercial builders that have the track record, reputation, expertise and know how to get the work done right and on time.  Diversified Construction is the premier commercial build out company that can see the project successfully from conceptualization, budget, design process, materials all the way to construction, installation, inspection and beyond. Our quality of services speaks for itself. Our team of professionals has a long track record in the commercial construction industry. Our extensive portfolio of completed projects and satisfied customers will instill the confidence in you to entrust us with your build out project. Let us save you time, money and headaches.  Contact our office today so our professional team can discuss in detail how we can turn your commercial area into the most ideal space for the success of your business.

We Value Quality

Above all else, Diversified Construction values quality in all our projects. As commercial builders we always adhere to the highest standards of quality workmanship, design and recommended materials for our customers. Our company treats each project as if it is our own. Our experienced team of architects, interior design experts, subcontractors, suppliers and more are at your service ready to provide you with the perfect solution for your commercial build out requirements. Contact our office today.

Organized & Detail Oriented

If you do a search for commercial builders near me, chances are you will find a number of companies ready to offer services. What sets us apart from these companies is our experience, confidence and dedication to our customers. Building is not merely just construction. There are a lot of moving parts in a commercial project. Supplies, budget, materials, design adjustments, plumbing, fitting, installation, adherence to building codes and more are just some of the complicated matters commercial builders face on a day-to-day basis. Any misstep in these can lead to delays, fines and added costs to you. If you are dealing with an inexperienced commercial build out contractor then there is a big chance you could end up paying more and out of budget than what you bargained for. At Diversified Construction, experience have allowed us to developed processes in place to ensure a smooth and orderly workflow. Every member of the team knows their duties and responsibilities. Each professional is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. All our staff are certified in their respective occupations and we are fully insured so you need not worry should anything untoward happen during the construction process.

Adherence to Schedule

One of the qualities that sets our professional services apart from other commercial builders is our dedication to building to a schedule. We know how important time is for your business and every second that it is not operational means it is bleeding money. We know that renovation of the commercial establishment or a build out can get the business up and running in no time. However, building cannot simply be completed overnight. This is the reason why you commercial build out contractor should put special emphasis on planning and implementation.   During the preliminary stages of the project our office is already hard at work to outline a clear and accurate schedule of work in order to ensure a timely completion on or before the agreed upon timeline.  Proper scheduling of work sets expectations for the completion of the project and it allows you to set your affairs in order while it allows our subcontractors and suppliers enough time to schedule and deliver their goods and services accordingly.

We are Local

We are a local commercial builder and we are proud of it. This means that we have developed good relationships with subcontractors and suppliers in the area. Our professional experience allows us to price our work accordingly for the benefit of both the client and our partners. You can rest assured that the budget pricing we provide is going to be adequate for the work required as our established relationships with other people in the industry can ensure no aspect of the project is under or overpriced. Commercial builders that do not have this relationship with local suppliers and professional service contractors can easily overlook certain logistical costs that can under quote the entire project. They might provide a cheaper cost that is not reflective of the true cost and may end up not having enough money to finish the project. If the builder runs out of funds then they won’t be able to pay their subcontractors and if they are unpaid, the work will grind to a halt.  Our understanding of the local economy, terrain, weather and more gives us an advantage over other commercial builders as we can plan more accurately and can factor these into the cost and timeline of the project. If you are looking for an experienced commercial build out contractor, look no further. Diversified Construction is here to provide you with everything you need. We are a one-stop-shop company for all your commercial renovation and build out projects. Call us today. We are very excited to hear from you.

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