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As a leading industrial construction company, we have worked on many diverse projects that require sophisticated logistics, skills and requirements. Whether you are thinking of a new industrial construction project or simply reworking your current setup, we are the industrial general contractor that you can rely on. We have the expertise to meet the strictest standards and the experience to meet the most challenging needs of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Experience & Collaborative Mindset

To begin, industrial construction projects are very sophisticated and require an industrial contractor that has the training, skills, resources and experience to perform this highly specialized kind of work. At Diversified Construction our skillset specialization includes industrial construction work. Our team has the training and the specific skill sets needed to ensure that the project is done right as per the requirements, timeline and objectives of the client. Since industrial construction is quite technical in nature, we employ and collaborate with a lot of tradespeople, professionals and suppliers across many specialties. These professionals range from all points of the build such as design, build or install and maintenance. Our industrial general contractor team works as one and collaborates using their experience and knowledge across many disciplines and areas of expertise.

Use of Innovative Technology

Industrial construction projects always require the use of innovative technology in order to fulfill the unique requirements and timeline needs of customers. We know for a fact that the industrial construction industry is always evolving and there are always new technologies around the corner that can be implemented for the benefit of our clients. For instance, prefabrication construction has made it possible for an industrial construction company to speed up the process, without adversely affecting the outcome of the final product. At Diversified Construction industrial general contractor services, we are able to efficiently maximize the budget of our clients in order to provide them with the ultimate customer experience resulting in an increase of their own ROI. 

Excellent Track Record and Reputation

Diversified Construction has worked with many customers across many different industries such as manufacturing, corporate, warehouse, healthcare and many more. As a professional industrial construction company, we have a deep portfolio with a proven and successful track record. Our high level of experience and knowledge is backed by customer testimonials and client satisfaction.

Each Industrial Construction Project Is Customized To Your Specifications

Diversified Construction offers customized industrial construction services that meet your unique needs. Do you require minimum downtime on production? Do you need to meet strict requirements of your budget? We can provide expert industrial general contractor advice on everything from design-build, industrial construction management, risk management plus much more. Do you have special needs for conveyors, electrical and mechanical equipment? As a professional industrial construction company, we can offer you a pre-engineered building solution that not only can cater to all your requirements but also provides a cost-saving performance for the duration of lifetime of your facility. We are ready to do whatever it takes to meet your utmost satisfaction. At Diversified Construction, our industrial general contractor team has helped redefine logistics and streamline production for our industrial clients all across the country

Process Support, Streamlined Workflow, Maximized Capacity

When it comes to your industrial facility it should be able to directly support all your operations. It should assist in directing the flow of materials and machinery while also maximizing your production areas. Here at Diversified Construction our industrial construction process has an ardent set of listening ears that are focused on understanding just how you want to use your facility. We then can start constructing your facility to suit the unique needs and goals of your operations. From production and manufacturing to logistics and distribution, our wealth of expertise and experience can support the full range of systems and processes needed to ensure the best outcomes. These include full-scale manufacturing lines, heavy machinery, processing of raw materials, robotic KIVA systems, automated storage and retrieval and floor, wall and roof-supported conveyor systems with pick pods.

We select only the best for the job when it comes to building systems and structures. On top of conventional brick and mortar structures, we have also constructed some of the most sophisticated industrial facilities and integrated a range of materials and technologies and project processes. Our goal is to ensure optimum production facility efficiency through our work so that our clients can do what they do best.

Front Office Too

All industrial facilities depend on a completely organized, well-thought out front office in order to efficiently manage essential operations, fulfill orders and provide solutions to customer issues. As an industrial contractor we have worked with some of the biggest companies and have constructed many facilities necessary for their operations.

Employ a Smart Best-Value Approach

At Diversified Construction you can expect us to implement an industrial construction method that is focused on a design-build approach. This is what makes us different from other industrial construction company services. We provide collaboration and innovation into your industrial construction project through the unification of engineering, architecture, construction and more from beginning to end. Features of industrial construction are used in conjunction with design elements that lead to fast-track delivery and cost savings for you. Our industrial construction process incorporates cost, schedule and contractility pricing that allows for facilities to comply with the specific requirements of industrial operations. Our industrial general contractor teams can detect efficiencies, savings and answers to probable issues at the onset of the project.

Consider It Done

Whether it is the front office to the production line to the loading docks, we offer end-to-end industrial construction, remodeling and expansion services always on time and on-budget. Call us today to learn more on how we can be of service to your next industrial construction project.

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