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New health facilities construction aims to create a more relaxed and aesthetically pleasing look

Take a quick look at your medical office and healthcare facility, waiting and reception areas, examination rooms, and entrance spaces. Do you remember the last time the building was renovated? When was the last time you looked at the construction design? Imagine how your patients feel when they walk inside your facility. Imagine yourself walking in the building for a health checkup. Medical Construction and remodeling is the process of upgrading your current medical healthcare building set up to better reflect the demands of your patients and ensure better standards of services.

Experience Matters

When it comes to new medical construction, experience definitely matters. You do not want to leave the future look, layout, aesthetics, and quality of your medical center facility and building in the hands of a less experienced medical contractor. Diversified Construction is a premier local medical build-out and construction company that specializes in renovation and medical remodeling.

We are Fully Certified

Renovation or construction of a healthcare facility is a complex task and is not your typical construction project. As a medical general contractor, we know that every specialty will require different specifications from the available physical space. For example, healthcare facilities for pediatric patients will need waiting areas as well as examination rooms that have kids in mind. On the other hand, a construction project for an outpatient surgery center also has very specialized needs in order to accommodate the care and treatment of their respective patients. Our Team here at Diversified Construction are experts in their respective fields. We possess the training, experience, and know-how to to create or renovate your healthcare facility to the best it can be. In construction terms, surprises are not good as they are usually of the expensive kind. When you hire our construction company, you get full transparency from the very first meeting and we put everything down in detail on paper so you know exactly what to expect from the start.

Patients First

As experienced medical remodelers, we know the importance of harnessing each and every inch of available space in your hospital or clinic to maximize the patient experience. This takes priority but the construction process will also integrate the overall welfare of the clinic staff as well. Areas where patient experience will take precedence include the waiting or reception area, examination room, restroom, and anywhere else the patient needs to be during the duration of the consultation or treatment. Mobility issues will, of course, be included in the concept and design including requirements set forth by the ADA.

Incorporate Technology

We can present you with a concept that integrates innovative technology in order to better the patient experience as well as make it easier and more efficient for your staff to perform their duties - such as digital kiosks that let patients check themselves in. 

Smart Design

During the design process of the medical remodeling project, creating a new functional space will take the top priority. We will make your office look aesthetically pleasing with good functionality integrated into every aspect of the remodel. 

Make Outdoor Space more Appealing

Part of improving the overall patient experience in your office calls for the use of outdoor green areas to create a relaxing atmosphere for both patients and caregivers. We will aim to landscape the green spaces to introduce a space of solitude and tranquility rather than a space that creates anxiety.

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