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Whether you are planning a new construction of a facility or simply remodeling an existing one, there are many benefits that you can reap from hiring an experienced manufacturing contractor. There is no doubt that managing a construction project is a truly enormous responsibility that requires a certain set of skills, knowledge, time, and patience. At Diversified Construction one of our specialties is manufacturing construction. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible while also delivering a project that exceeds your expectations. We know that a project of this scope cannot be placed into the hands of a less experienced manufacturing general contractor. Our years of experience, dedication and reputation mean we can get things done right the first time, relieving you of your stress and filling you with confidence.

As a qualified, experienced and highly specialized manufacturing construction company, we know the building process from beginning to end, top to bottom and left to right. We are here to help you with all the required permits and approvals prior to commencement of the work while also helping you understand the challenges that your site presents such as soil corrections, stormwater problems, and many more. As a reliable manufacturing contractor, we have a ready team of professionals from diverse fields and industries ready to solve any issues on the construction end. Trust us to give you the confidence you need for the success of your construction project.

What To Expect From Our Manufacturing Contractor and Manufacturing Remodeling Team:

Good Communication and Reachability

Our manufacturing remodelers and manufacturing construction team are always ready to communicate with you to determine what your project goals are. We stay in constant communication with you all throughout the different phases of the project. We know that a manufacturing remodel or construction of a facility is no simple task. We want our customers to always be confident with what we are doing at all times. This is the reason why we assign a point person to keep you informed. Typically, we shall provide you with a project manager and an executive in charge and even an entire team depending on the breadth and scope of the project in order to ensure that all details of the construction are carried out. This is or promise to you.

We Partner With You Early In The Process

We know the demands of manufacturing construction. It needs specific, customized solutions that are founded on thorough knowledge of your business objectives. This includes manufacturing and production methods, cross-functional product design, and equipment in order to create cost-effective development processes. Selecting Diversified Construction as your manufacturing contractor means that you get access to a thorough and efficient design/build approach via a single point of contact. This not only creates better communication between client and manufacturing contractor but also greatly reduces the possibility of project errors. Our design build methodology means all issues are already ironed out even before the actual work commences. With the knowledge gained we are able to manage every detail of the project while also reducing your liability and risk.

Transparency in the Bidding Process

When it comes to construction projects, cost is a major factor that determines the ultimate outcome. It is always tempting to go for the lowest bidder however; low cost does not necessarily translate to quality work. You might pay cheap now but incur expensive repair and upgrades later on than if you chose a bid from a reputable manufacturing construction company. It is for this reason we want to be as transparent as possible in our bidding for the project. We want you to know where your money is going and why. We shall work within the approved budget and provide you with a detailed proposal so that you are confident in the materials, design and products proposed for your facility. As your manufacturing contractor we are always be ready to answer any specific questions you might have now and throughout and after the project is completed.

Excellent References

Two important traits of reputable manufacturing remodeling companies should be an excellent track record and reputation. Diversified Construction has both. We have been in the manufacturing business for many years and our excellent reputation and track record backed by our excellent client references is a testament to that. We have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings around. 

Affiliated with Professional Trade Associations

We are members in good standing with many of the reputable trade and construction associations in the country. This allows us to have extensive knowledge on many different topics including advanced safety training, focus groups, peer roundtables on topics such as project management, technology and the latest innovative methods. We do this to hone our skills and to learn new ones so we are always on top of the latest trends in the manufacturing and remodeling construction industry.

Capable of Building Connections

Manufacturing construction and the manufacturing remodel process feature a lot of moving parts. At Diversified Construction, we already have in place a network of dependable subcontractors, product suppliers and tradespeople. This ready team can help streamline interactions, build consolidation and collaboration. We involve all stakeholders early in the design/build process in order to eliminate barriers. Our belief is if everyone is on the same page from the very beginning until the end, work efficiency is maximized and the result is a construction project that is completed on time and on budget. 

Reduce Mistakes with Experience

As an experienced manufacturing construction company we are well prepared to handle unforeseen issues that may come up unexpectedly and beyond our control. This allows us to reduce contracting costs as well as your financial risks. We can identify bottlenecks and limitations that slow production time, material flow and plant optimization. This may mean the difference between the ultimate success and failure of any project. We can save you time and money as we are able to identify, design and plan a large-scale construction project as a tight unit. We do this through implementation of all facets of the construction timeline ranging from manufacturing, project management, process improvements and more that increases productivity.


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