Business Remodeling

Business Remodeling

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Our specialty is renovating commercial business establishments such as offices, restaurants, retail outlets, and the like

Diversified Construction is a full-service business remodeling company operating in Minnesota & Wisconsin. We are professional contractors that work closely with every client to provide top-notch customer service that goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results and value that is in line with the needs of their business and budget. As premier business remodelers, our specialty is renovating commercial business establishments such as offices, restaurants, retail outlets, and the like. Our team of experts is fully capable to handle all aspects of the business remodeling process from the initial concept design all the way to the selection of materials, construction, and final installation. We believe that time is money for all commercial businesses and we make sure that every remodeling project we undertake is completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

Our process starts from the moment we meet you for the first time. We go out of our way to get to know each client’s design preferences, needs, tastes, and vision to help create and customize well-designed solutions. Our business remodeling company has the ability to source virtually any material available in the market and recruit any resource needed in order to achieve the vision of the renovation project. The goal of our business remodeling company is to ensure our clients are well-informed using a single point of contact from initial meeting to completion. We have developed a good professional business relationship over the years with suppliers, architects, interior designers, and other essential people in the industry to ensure timely completion of the business remodeling project. Let us be your building contractor that will transform your commercial space from drab to fab for the benefit of your clients and customers. Call us today so we can begin discussing your vision. Let's make it happen.

Proven Experience

Diversified Construction is a business remodeling company with many years of experience working with commercial renovation and remodeling projects for many different customers. We are local business remodeling contractors which means we are fully aware of the permitting process, inspection, and zoning ordinances and guidelines in a commercial building. We have a good relationship with local authorities, utility companies, and are familiar with traffic patterns that save time and money. We provide our customers with accurate costing estimates in line with their requirements and budget.

We Listen to Your Needs

As business remodelers, we understand how important it is to know what our client’s needs are. Each customer is unique and each industry has its own specific requirements. We understand that. We go out of our way to listen and learn each client’s vision and provide customized renovation solutions for them. We personally visit the space so we can gain a solid foothold on the layout and provide the best means of how the client can maximize the square footage available. Restaurants, for instance, require specialized customized equipment to be installed in specific areas so we prepare for that as per the client’s wishes.


When you work with Diversified business remodeling you can rest assured that you will get full transparency with regard to costing and other pertinent details. There are no hidden charges as everything is outlined in the contract for you to review. We espouse and practice open communication with our clients because we want you to be comfortable and fully confident in us to do the work as agreed upon. As professional contractors we welcome constructive feedback from our customers and we can be reached very easily via a number of different platforms. Rest assured that any concern will be addressed in a timely manner for the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We Update You on Every Aspect of the Renovation Project

Time is money when it comes to business and each minute that the business is not operational due to renovations or repairs cost money and affect the bottom line. Our business remodeling company knows and honors that principle. We know how hard it is for owners not being able to know how the renovation is progressing along. On that note, you can rely on us to provide you with timely updates on every aspect of the renovation process. This does not begin the moment you sign on the dotted line but starts the moment you have the initial meeting with us. We shall assign you a project manager that will oversee all aspects of the renovation and shall be your point person on every aspect of the renovation. You will get call-backs in a timely manner and you can rely on us to get straight answers on all your questions no matter how mundane it may be.

Professional & Organized

Our business remodeling company only works with professionals and people that we know we trust to do work with our clients. Our crew values cleanliness and tidiness on every renovation project and can be relied on to be careful on your property and clean up nicely after every job. This means we will provide covering surfaces for areas that need protection from dust and other debris to protect the integrity of your property. All our staff take pride in their work and will apply the utmost care when working on your property. We have developed processes in place to ensure nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of the renovation project. We have a work calendar that we abide by to but can adjust on the fly depending on the needs of our clients. All on-site staff has a checklist of materials, duties, and responsibilities to ensure an efficient and smooth workflow. We are a fully insured business remodeling company. All our staff has undergone the necessary background checks and are fully certified in their respective job duties.


We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our business remodeling projects. We take pride in our craftsmanship and are confident it will provide you with complete satisfaction. Should there be any issue or defect with regard to materials and workmanship in the building remodeling project we will take care of it for you. Our warranty protects your investment in the building. We want you to be fully confident about what we do…Renovation done only with the highest standards. Trust us for all your remodeling needs. Call us today. Let's help make it happen.

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