What are the Steps to Building a Commercial Building

January 25, 2023

Steps to Building a Commercial Building

Believe it or not, developing and constructing a commercial building is no small task! A commercial construction process takes many skilled professionals working in unison to complete a project on time and under budget (the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” doesn’t exist for no reason). What you may not know is that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with every project – from pre-build to post-build, there are many necessary steps to ensure a successful end result. In this article, we will discuss the 7 stages needed to complete a successful commercial project.

Commercial Construction Process - Development and Planning

Setting a budget and choosing a location both take place in the development and planning stage. Selecting a location can be an extensive and meticulous process due to all of the requirements that need to be met, like verifying zoning requirements and conducting an environmental test to ensure there is no soil contamination. There are also other components to consider when choosing a location, such as confirming that the sewage and water is suitable for business needs, as well as confirming the location is accessible to all clients and employees.

This is the stage where a company who specializes in commercial projects, like Diversified Construction, is brought on. Contractors can offer perspective and insight throughout this stage, which streamlines processes and ensures success. All of the following stages are a product of the development and planning stage, so it’s essential all of the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed to set the rest of the project up for success!


The programming stage establishes the project goals, estimated cost, and expected timeline. Hiring outside experts, such as architects or contractors who specialize in a specific discipline, ensures an efficient and effective process. A quick example would be hiring a firm that specializes in a particular type of construction, like retail, office space, or healthcare.

Once goals and timelines are sorted, the construction team then collaborates to complete the remaining steps of the programming, such as determining the layout and flow of the space, ensuring suitability for utility connections, incorporating desired amenities, and so forth. In short – the programming stage is essential and focuses on complying with project goals and requirements.

design phase commercial building

Commercial Construction Process - Design

The design phase is where some of the lucrative ideas meet the harsh reality of what is actually possible! As soon as everyone is on the same page, plans (or a design) get drawn up. The plans ensure everyone is on the same page and are then utilized to obtain firm pricing from the subcontractor marketplace (professionals called in to perform certain tasks, such as roofing or painting).

The design stage also ensures that the project plans comply with all building codes and requirements, as not abiding by these rules and regulations can turn into costly mistakes.

Additional professionals are also brought on to manage a specific area. For example, a civil engineer is responsible for parking lot designs and drainage systems, while a mechanical engineer is responsible for plumbing and air conditioning.


The pricing stage involves finalizing project pricing. When all of the project plans are complete and the contractor can submit the plans to the subcontractor marketplace to finalize project pricing. Proposals are reviewed, which consists of checking references and credentials and ensuring the scope of work detailed in proposals is comprehensive, in order to avoid change orders down the road.

At Diversified Construction, we make certain to only hire highly skilled and qualified subcontractors to guarantee success at the best price.

Commercial Construction Process - Pre-Construction

During the pre-construction stage, contractors obtain the required permits from city officials, which allow them to move forward with construction. Diversified Construction prioritizes creating and maintaining strong relationships with city officials throughout the metropolitan area, which directly benefit our clients through direct communication and project acceleration.

Subcontracts are awarded to the desired Project Team and pre-construction meetings are held to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding schedule, project rules, etc.

This stage also consists of procuring all necessary materials and equipment in order for construction to commence.

construction stage commercial building process


The construction stage is when the empty site begins to come to life. The construction team ensures the project plans become reality and that it is completed on time and within budget. Construction consists of various steps in order for a successful completion. From site preparation and roofing to interior design and landscaping, the construction stage has many components that require diligent attention.


The post-construction stage consists of a final walk through to address any unsatisfactory areas that require further attention and completing any punch list items. Final inspections are performed by city officials in order to obtain the certificate of occupancy.

Conclusion - What are the Steps to Building a Commercial Building

In conclusion, constructing a commercial project is a meticulous process, requiring the expertise and collaboration by a team of professionals. Diversified Construction specializes in building and remodeling commercial properties, with over 50 years of business experience in the Twin Cities. Contact us today if you’re looking to start a new commercial building project.