What Should be Included in a Commercial Office Space?

February 8, 2023

Top 7 Amenities for Commercial Office Spaces

Choosing a new commercial office space to call “home” is an exciting (and potentially stressful) time! Before a company decides on a new space, it’s recommended they complete a check-list to ensure the space meets the needs of their staff, ranging from location to amenities to safety.

Below, we have compiled a list of the seven most important and sought-after components a commercial building should offer.

Natural Light

It’s no secret people look for natural light when seeking any sort of real estate, whether it’s choosing a new home or selecting a new place to work. Long periods without sunlight can cause headaches, fatigue, and eye strain – especially when staring at a screen all day. Natural light has the ability to uplift moods, increase productivity, and save energy.

Conference Facilities

More often than not, office spaces come equipped with a conference room or conference area. The question then becomes if it’s to the liking of the new tenant. Some companies will need larger or more complex conferencing amenities (video systems, podiums, microphones, etc.), while others may not have a huge need and may just desire open floor space for team collaboration.

As long as the space has capacity for a conference room – adaptations can be made to the layout by either removing, redesigning, or adding walls and windows.

complex conferencing amenities video systems podiums microphones

High-Performing Wi-Fi

Providing high-performing Wi-Fi within a commercial building is critical. In this day and age, technology is essential to run a business – and internet is at the very center. If the Wi-Fi is slow and spotty, employees will grow frustrated and won’t be able to efficiently perform their jobs.

Fortunately, there are professionals who specialize in designing and deploying high performing internet. Hiring experts will lay a solid foundation for fast and reliable Wi-Fi, ensuring wireless coverage no matter the company size or needs. Professionals will do it right the first time, avoiding any potential challenges or drawbacks.


If a building does not comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), there may be required upgrades to meet code. Not to worry though, your contractor can help you navigate this.

A few things to look out for:

- Designated handicapped parking
- Accessible entrances (ramps, double doors, etc.)
- Elevators
- Compliant lavatory facilities

In short, commercial buildings and office spaces need to be accessible for all people.

Outdoor Space

Post-pandemic, getting staff back into the office has proven difficult for lots of companies. Having an outdoor space dedicated to breaks or post-day leisure can be a great way to bring people back and boost company morale.

A few quick examples:

- A rooftop lounge for company or industry events
- A garden for your budding florists and aspiring chefs
- An outdoor patio for a midday break
- A grill for burgers and brats after a big company win or milestone

Before you embark on investing in a new space for your office, you might want to think twice about fun, cool ways to bring people together.

Eco-Friendly Options

Working in environmentally-friendly spaces is becoming more and more important, especially as sustainable initiatives and policies are increasingly developed and implemented. Luckily, there are certifications that recognize these initiatives for buildings, like LEED certification (the most widely used green building rating system). Constructing energy-efficient buildings and supporting sustainable initiatives shows employees and clients you care about both their health and the environment. Whether you go for full LEED certification or choose a few initiatives that make sense for your business, your contractor can help you navigate this process.

Security Measures

Knowing that your staff, office belongings, and various business collateral is in a safe location remains a primary concern for most business owners. Most office buildings come with some level of security – whether it’s a security team, secured access points, cameras in common areas, or a mix of all three. As you select a new space for your office, it’s important to give consideration to which safety elements are important to you and to ensure your space can accommodate them.

Conclusion - What Should be Included in a Commercial Office Space?

In conclusion, there’s a lot that goes into choosing an office space or commercial building. From accessibility and safety to leisure and sustainability. Working with the right team will help ensure you select the right space and adapt it to your specific needs.

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