11 Tips to Spring Clean Your Commercial Space

April 28, 2020

We all know that with the spring sunshine comes spring cleaning! Most of us run through a list of items around our houses like cleaning out the garage and closets, but what about your office, restaurant or retail space? Regular maintenance and cleaning is crucial to maintaining a vibrant and healthy space for your employees and customers and also helps to prevent small items on your list from growing into larger repairs.

Here is a list to get you started on both inside and outside your property:

  1. HVAC – Inspect your cooling system to ensure your system is working properly so any repairs can be made in advance of the first 90-degree day! This is also a great time to clean your ducts.
  2. Lighting- Replace spent bulbs and dust light fixtures. This would also be a great time to upgrade to energy efficient fixtures!
  3. Windows- Speaking of light- it’s amazing how much of a difference clean windows make! Clean both the inside and outside of all windows and sills.
  4. Flooring- The winter months can really take a toll on your flooring. Deep clean the mud, debris and salt from your carpets, concrete, tile and grout.
  5. Furniture – Your furniture is also a catch all for extra dirt, moisture, germs and dead skin cells- ick! A professional cleaning service can really freshen up upholstery, and your employees and guests are sure to really appreciate this item!
  6. Paint- A fresh coat of paint does wonders for reinvigorating a tired space. Assess the needs of your space by taking a walk-through, start by looking at your high traffic areas like hallways and break rooms. Check out the exterior of your building as well to look for faded or peeling paint.
  7. Kitchen Equipment- Maintain a clean, safe and reliable kitchen with regular maintenance. Make sure you’re ready for an influx of guests when you’re able to re-open!
  8. Irrigation- Test your irrigation lines and look for leaks, broken lines and missing or misdirected sprinkler heads.
  9. Landscaping- asses your property needs for new shrubbery, rock or mulch and tree trimming. Make an excellent first impression with curb appeal!
  10. Parking lot- inspect catch basins for clogs or mud and assess the need for seal coating and striping.
  11. Gutters- Clear gutter guards and downspouts of clogged debris to prevent backups and water infiltration.