Minnesota Fire Arms

August 12, 2021

Diversified Construction is excited to be working with friend and client Mike Briggs at Minnesota Fire Arms Training in Anoka! Construction includes a 7,000 square foot addition to the existing building using a pre-cast wall system designed to contain small arms fire. The interior of the shooting range will be outfitted with a proprietary bullet absorbent material manufactured from recycled dump truck tires. This material will safely absorb a gunshot at point-blank range without any danger to the operator. You can view a video of our Team doing some recon on this material here!

Mike has been involved in the firearms industry his whole career in a variety of ways – importing and exporting guns, training others both the basics and advanced techniques as well as working for 12 years as an armed close protection specialist, working with celebrities and executives, and traveling all over the world. As exciting as this job was, Mike decided to take the leap and build his own facility to be home and closer to his family. He purchased the “old Sinclair” building in Anoka and built a facility to hold courses and sell firearms from. Now, with the addition of the 7,000 SF range, MN Fire Arms will be a one-stop shop for all things firearms. The estimated completion date for this project is October, stay tuned for more project details!