How to Choose Commercial Kitchen Equipment

April 11, 2023

Choosing Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is the hub of restaurant operations. It’s the place all the ingredients come together to serve a dish to customers, as well as the center of communications for employees. In order for a restaurant to function successfully, the kitchen will need to be properly equipped with the right surfaces and appliances.

In this article, we will dive into choosing equipment for a commercial kitchen. Keep reading to learn about everything from refrigerators to cooktops.

First Things First, Find a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Vendor

Choosing an equipment vendor as your first step will streamline the build out process and ensure accuracy. Contractors will need to be aware of the type of equipment that will be in the kitchen so they can prepare for any required accommodations (like plumbing, mechanical, and electrical hookups). At Diversified Construction, we have several exceptional kitchen equipment vendors to connect you with, which will ensure you hit the ground running.

Each restaurant is unique and will require different equipment to prepare, cook, and serve the items on their menu – but there are a few pieces of equipment that will be found in all commercial kitchens.

Keeping Ingredients Fresh
An essential part of serving delicious dishes is keeping ingredients fresh. Restaurants will need to store a plethora of different proteins, vegetables, condiments, and so forth. Many of these ingredients will require refrigeration or freezing.

There are two types of walk-in cooling units to choose from: prefabricated and built-in. Prefabricated cooling units come in a variety of sizes, ensuring it will fit nicely into your space. Built-in cooling units are customized to your needs and designed to blend into the surrounding environment.

Walk-in cooling units are preferred over standard refrigeration models because they have ample room for storage, which improves organization and easy retrieval for employees.

Preparing the Plates
Chefs spend a lot of time chopping ingredients and assembling a recipe before a dish comes together, so they will need durable surfaces to efficiently prepare food. Kitchen surfaces need to be smooth, easy to clean, and non porous.

Fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) and stainless steel products are reliable surfaces for commercial kitchens. These types of surfaces are popular thanks to their sturdiness and simple cleaning requirements.

Cooking the Food
When the ingredients are prepped and a customer puts in an order, it’s time to turn on the cooking equipment. Each restaurant will require different types of equipment (depending on their menu), but you can often find equipment like stoves, open flame grills, deep fryers, convection ovens, etc.

All these pieces of equipment pumping out heat and flames make for a hot space without the proper ventilation! Proper ventilation also ensures fresh indoor air in your space. Your contractor and architect will help you determine the type of fire suppression and make up air units you need in order to maintain a fresh air supply and to keep the climate comfortable.

Conclusion - How to Choose Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and determines the flow of operations. In order for a restaurant to function smoothly and successfully, the kitchen needs to be properly equipped with the necessary tools, surfaces, and appliances.

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