Veteran-Owned Businesses

November 6, 2023

Why You Should Hire Veterans

As we approach Veterans Day, it is fitting to shine a spotlight on veteran-owned businesses, exploring how their military experience has equipped them for the business world, and to understand the profound impact they have on their communities and the economy at large.

From small-town startups to large corporations, businesses owned by individuals who have served in the nation’s armed forces are distinguished by their leadership skills, strategic thinking, and unparalleled work ethic instilled in them through their military training.

In this article, we will explore the invaluable skills veterans bring to the workforce, their volunteer work, and what measures can be taken to ensure they receive the support they deserve post-service

Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Military veterans present an opportunity for employers to significantly enhance the capability and vitality of their teams. Veterans are equipped with an impressive array of skills and attributes that are highly translatable to the corporate world. Here are several benefits veterans bring to the table:

Leadership and Teamwork: Veterans are often seasoned leaders. They have experienced the essence of true teamwork and leadership in environments far more demanding than most workplaces. This makes them adept at taking charge when necessary and equally skilled at collaborating as part of a team to meet company objectives.

Performance Under Pressure: Having operated in high-stress situations, veterans are well-versed in maintaining composure and performance under pressure. They can think critically and make sound decisions when the stakes are high, ensuring business continuity even in challenging times.

Problem-Solving Skills: The military teaches one the ability to navigate complex situations and come up with strategic solutions. Veterans are trained to assess situations swiftly, recognize potential complications, and execute plans effectively – skills that are directly transferable to the corporate sector.

Discipline and Work Ethic: The discipline ingrained in military personnel is second to none. Veterans are known for their strong work ethic, punctuality, and respect for structure – all qualities that contribute to a productive workplace culture.

Technical Training and Skills: Many veterans have received advanced technical training and have worked with cutting-edge technology, making them well-equipped to tackle roles in information technology, cybersecurity, logistics, and engineering, among others.

Diversity and Inclusion: Veterans form a diverse group with a range of skills, experiences, and perspectives. Hiring veterans contributes to the creation of a more inclusive workplace, which can foster innovation and drive business growth.

veterans serve their communities

Veterans and Volunteerism

Veterans, having dedicated a portion of their lives to national service, frequently find new purpose and fulfillment in volunteering, continuing to enrich their communities with the same spirit that once drove them on the front lines. Here are some ways in which veterans are continuing to serve their communities:

Mentorship Programs: Veterans often engage in mentorship, bringing a wealth of real-world experience to those looking for guidance. They serve as role models for young people, often using their stories of service and resilience to inspire and motivate. By mentoring, they help shape the future of youth and offer support to peers adjusting to life after military service, sharing insights on career development, education, and personal growth.

Community Development: Veterans often take leading roles in planning and executing community events, ensuring that initiatives run smoothly and achieve their intended outcomes. Their experiences in logistics and operations allow them to oversee projects that enhance community infrastructure – from constructing public facilities to revitalizing parks and leading neighborhood improvements.

Advocacy and Support: Veterans are powerful advocates for social issues, driven by a deep understanding of camaraderie and fellowship forged through service. They stand up for the homeless, work to destigmatize mental health, and strive to improve educational systems. Their advocacy is not limited to just raising their voices but also involves hands-on work, creating and supporting programs that address these critical areas.

Disaster Relief Efforts: When disaster strikes, veterans are frequently at the forefront. Trained to remain calm under pressure and handle logistical challenges, often being among the first to respond and last to leave. Their skill set allows them to quickly organize resources, manage teams, and provide aid efficiently and effectively. Their presence brings not only practical aid but also hope and order amidst chaos.

Supporting Veterans

Honoring the service of our veterans goes beyond words of gratitude – it involves active engagement and support. As they reintegrate into civilian life, we, as a community, have the privileged opportunity to stand with them, recognizing their service and aiding in their current journey.

Here’s how we can show our support not only on Veterans Day, but throughout the year:

Volunteer at Local Veterans Organizations: Many organizations that serve veterans need volunteers. Offering your time to these agencies can make a significant impact. From administrative help to organizing events, your efforts can contribute to the well-being of veterans.

Participate in “Adopt a Veteran” Programs: These programs allow individuals or families to support a veteran through social engagement, helping them with everyday tasks, or simply spending time with them, particularly during holidays or Veterans Day.

Support Veteran-Owned Businesses: Make a personal or organizational commitment to support businesses run by veterans. This could be as simple as choosing a veteran-owned service provider or promoting their businesses within your community.

Advocate for Veteran Services: Be an advocate for veterans by staying informed on legislation and services that affect them. Use your voice to ensure that the challenges faced by veterans are not overlooked.

Veteran's Day Parades & Events

Veteran's Day is a time to honor the brave men and women who have served our nation with great courage. As we draw closer to the 11th of November, we encourage our community members to join us in celebrating their service. The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs is organizing a series of parades and events to commemorate this significant day.

This November, Diversified Construction is expressing our gratitude by organizing a donation drive to support the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota (DAVMN), an organization dedicated to empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives.

Conclusion - Benefits of Hiring Veterans

The success of a retail venture is not solely dictated by the quality of products or services on offer, but is tied to the strategic decisions made Veteran-Owned Businesses.

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