Shou Sugi Ban

October 24, 2018

Have you heard of Shou Sugi Ban? Thought so. Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood and makes it fire-resistant by charring it with…fire. Seems counter-intuitive, right? The process involves charring, cooling and then cleaning the wood, followed by a coat of natural oil. Today, this technique is used as an environmentally friendly way to preserve wood, as paints, retardants and preservatives are not necessary.
Diversified Construction carpenter, John S., recently used this technique at the Revival Smokehouse concept in St. Paul’s Keg & Case market. The finished result is a beautiful dark cedar wood that looks like it was just pulled from the fire. We’re proud to have created this eye-catching design detail that fits in the Smokehouse concept perfectly.