Rivergate Apartments

November 13, 2019

Rivergate Apartments in Downtown Minneapolis recently hired Diversified Construction and designer partner, Nelson, to remodel all their common areas spaces that hadn’t been updated in over 20 years!

Working in an occupied building lends many extra challenges to a construction project, especially when people LIVE there! In order to minimize disruptions to the residents of the building, we remodeled the common areas in three phases. In addition to phasing, extra attention was paid to controlling dust through use of barriers, drop clothes, etc., hauling construction debris, tools, materials, etc. out of the space as soon as possible to ensure residents could safely navigate these areas and controlling sound disruptions.  All these extra precautions can add time and expense to a project but when properly executed, residents or tenants feel very little disruption to their lives and end up with a brand new space they will love for many years!