Maple Grove Office Construction

Maple Grove Office Construction

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Build up the corporate image and create a positive impact on employee morale

Diversified Construction is the Maple Grove office construction company proudly presenting the city of Maple Grove, Minnesota. Located in Hennepin County with a population of 70,000, Maple Grove is the eleventh most populous city in Minnesota, making it a hub for small businesses and corporate offices.

We have performed hundreds of office construction projects within the city in our 60+ years of being in business. If your Maple Grove-based business is in need of remodeling, you can trust us to be your contractor of choice.

Maple Grove offers residents a community-based lifestyle, with plenty of shopping and dining options, as well as parks and recreation facilities to enjoy. Maple Grove is a mere 20 minute drive to Minneapolis, allowing residents to enjoy both the suburban and city life.

Building Space Efficiency

At Diversified Construction, we value creating a comfortable workspace and welcoming environment. We take the time to get to know our clients, allowing us to build the most efficient space that aligns with their needs.

Our course of action to achieve this is through constructing a suitable layout, establishing new multi-purpose areas, and utilizing any outdoor space. Instead of jumping over hurdles to relocate or working in a cluttered environment, a remodeling job will maximize your office space and create an efficient workspace.

Encourage More Productivity

As your office construction expert of choice, we will introduce several features that are proven to be an effective way to encourage more productivity at work

Lighting – The integration of better lighting in an office space creates a more pleasant work environment for employees. Lighting has the ability to improve moods and increase productivity.

Collaborative Spaces - When we are doing an office build-out, we make sure to include collaborative workspaces within the open layout. This encourages more employee interaction and teamwork, as well as provides a space for meetings.

Storage Capacity – A common issue among cluttered spaces is the lack of storage capacity. At Diversified Construction, we assess the needs of our clients to customize their office setup. Our goal is to integrate more storage space and implement an easier way to retrieve items, resulting in less time spent searching for items and trying to store them.

Built-in Technologies and Power Systems – Our office remodeling projects can include features like the integration of upgraded Wi-Fi, security systems, biometric scanning, and additional power outlets. These built in technologies and power systems will provide an improved work environment through the ease of function.

At Diversified Office Construction we work with businesses to help them assess the needs of their business and apply that to their office setup. We take into consideration important factors such as the number of people at the office at any given time, the number of visitors on a day-to-day basis and of course the nature of the business. Let us help you make your office become a more functional and productive place for your business. Call us today.

Why Choose Us - Maple Grove Office Construction

You will be assigned your very own project manager from beginning to completion in order to avoid confusion when projects are handled by different persons. At Diversified Construction, we use the highest quality workmanship and construction methods to ensure your remodeling project is done properly and efficiently. We have developed an 8-point-process to follow that guarantees your project will be completed successfully

  • 1

    Your Team

  • 2

    Define and Discuss

  • 3


  • 4

    Pricing and Hiring

  • 5


  • 6


  • 7


  • 8

    Post Construction

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  1. We’ll establish one Project Manager to work with you from inception to completion, eliminating typical confusion when projects are handed off from person to person.
  2. Define and discuss the details of your project to minimize stress and have a clear goal, budget, and timeline. 
  3. If an architect is needed for your project, we will align you with one who has the capabilities and experience perfect for it.  
  4. Once designed, your Project Manager will submit the plans to subcontractors for pricing. We will carefully review each proposal and proposed materials to select the right bidder for your project, not just the lowest bidder.
  5. Once we’ve selected the ideal subcontractor team, we’ll create a detailed proposal for you. We eliminate gray areas by detailing what your proposal includes, and what it does not, so you know what to expect right from the start. 
  6. Ensure all necessary permits are approved and obtained prior to construction. 
  7. During construction, your project manager will work closely with subcontractors to give regular updates and ensure timely completion. 
  8. We will lead you through a post-construction walkthrough for assurance the completed project has exceeded your expectations.
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