The Team

Working from a solid foundation.

Diversified Construction is passionate about producing exceptional results for our clients. To do that, we focus on hiring only the most talented employees and tradespeople who have the desire and skills to provide exceptional, high-quality work.



James R

President / CEO

About James

In 1977, James joined Diversified Construction as a laborer, following his Service from 1980-1984, James continued to advance through the company, eventually making his way to Project Manager. Today, as President and CEO, James develops, implements and monitors the strategic goals and objectives of the business, including overseeing project management and delivery — while striving to execute at the highest industry standards. He is dedicated to upholding the company’s mission while exceeding client expectations.


Brian P

Partner, COO

About Brian

As our Chief Operating Officer since 1995, Brian plans and directs all aspects of the organization’s operational policies, objectives, initiatives, and growth development. He is also responsible for attaining short and long-term financial and operational goals — providing company stability our clients can count on. Even more important, his safety policies provide a clean, safe, organized jobsite and have won numerous awards.


Cheryl H


About Cheryl

With over 30 years of accounting experience, Diversified Construction is proud to have Cheryl on our team. As our Controller, Cheryl handles all accounting operations, including project accounting, coordinating our accounting staff’s workflow, and maintaining our system of accounting records. She is also responsible for managing our comprehensive set of controls and processes to mitigate risk and ensure accuracy of the company’s financial reports. Cheryl is a big reason Diversified, its’ clients and all of its’ constituents can feel that Diversified is secure and stable.


Diversified Construction is proud to be a company our team loves to work for. On average, our Superintendents and Project Managers have been with us for 10 and 16 years, respectively — and have all been in the industry for over 25 years.


Allen K


About Allen


Brian L

Senior Project Manager

About Brian

I’ve always had a passion for the construction industry. Before I worked at Diversified, I taught high school industrial arts. I really enjoyed helping others learn a skill and see the end results of their work. I think that’s why I like working at Diversified so much. We are all set on working closely with our clients and completing a project we are all proud of. I believe we have such a high percentage of repeat and referral business because we all operate from the foundation of being upfront and honest with our clients.


Alyssa S

Accounts Payable/Payroll Specialist

About Alyssa

I love to smile, so it’s no wonder I started my career in corporate inventory accounting for a dental equipment supplier. From there, I worked as an accounts payable specialist for a digital restaurant technology company and at a building management company. I was happy to start at Diversified where I could learn about a new industry and its varied challenges and successes. In all, I’ve enjoyed experiencing both the contractor side and client side of accounting. I know I’ve done my job well when I’ve built a great work environment and maintain positive relationships between clients and vendors.


Carla A

Job Cost Analyst

About Carla

I’ve worked in the construction industry for just one year, but so far, I love it. Prior to starting at Diversified as Job Cost Analyst, I worked in business administration and accounting. What I enjoy most about this job is that everyone at Diversified is so genuine and focused on the same goal of producing great projects for our clients. I pride myself in being dependable and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


Anna H

Executive Assistant

About Anna

Most people don’t go from the airline industry into the construction industry. But I did! I’ve always had a passion for construction and remodeling, so it just made sense. I love being able to see a space transform into something beautiful. It’s so great to be surrounded by people who share this passion at Diversified. I enjoy developing relationships and supporting others strengths and dreams. Not everyone has that opportunity, I’m glad I do.




About Chuck

After working at plumbing and design/build companies my first 15 years of my career, I found myself at Diversified. I’ve been at Diversified for over 22 years now and I’m proud to work for a company that is committed to doing the right things for its employees and its clients. I love working with my hands and I appreciate that I get to see the results of my hard work come to life at the end of a project.


Colette P

Assistant Project Manager

About Colette

It feels like I’ve been in the construction industry my whole life. As long as I can remember, there seems to have always been a paintbrush in my hand. With my family being in the industry, I’ve done everything from residential remodels to house painting and everything in between. But I’ve always had a dream to go commercial. Working at Diversified has allowed me to do that. In my role here, I strive to treat my clients how I would want to be treated during the process. I never say no to a request because I know there’s always a way to get something done that will make everyone happy.


Connor S

Assistant Project Manager

About Connor

Before my current role at Diversified, I worked in the field as a laborer and carpenter here. This experience is invaluable now as an assistant project manager. It helped me understand the entire process of a complete project. At Diversified, I have the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful people and complete a variety of fast-paced projects. My goal every day is to work hard, help others, satisfy my clients, remain humble, and go home feeling accomplished.


Dan S

Project Manager

About Dan

I’ve worn many hats throughout my tenure in the construction industry. I was a project manager for a commercial construction company that focused on restaurants and national brands, an owner and operator of a construction and interior design company, and a union electrician and carpenter. I love all aspects of the industry, especially working with my hands and problem solving. There’s no better feeling than seeing a project through from start to completion with a great team and clients by my side.


Dave S

Project Manager

About Dave

After working for an international construction company that had me traveling throughout the Midwest for 19 years, I decided it was time to come back home. Based on Diversified Construction’s local projects and family values, they seemed like the perfect fit for me. On every project, I strive to do the best I can to help clients make their visions a reality. My favorite part of the project is seeing my client’s excitement and realization of their vision.


Eric N

Assistant Project Manager

About Eric

Most of my professional experience was within retail operations management. This is where I developed my skills in sales, scheduling, time management, communication and personnel development. With an undergraduate degree in architecture, I was excited to put my passion for built environments and skills to work for Diversified as an assistant project manager. What I enjoy most is working on projects that result in something physical and tangible. Not every industry is able to finish a project, step back and see what you and your team have created.


Erik S


About Erik

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been in the construction industry for over 15 years. After studying carpentry at Hennepin Tech, I took my knowledge of blueprints, estimating and building and turned it into a career as a Project Superintendent. Every day I get to live my passion for being hands on and problem solving. At Diversified, I’m lucky enough to get to do it with a great group of skilled professionals who all want to see our clients’ visions become reality.



Chief Barketing Officer

About Hank

Known for his ability to steal hearts and lunches, our resident good boy Hank is the one who really runs the show around here.


Jason A


About Jason

I started my career in the construction trades as a laborer and carpenter and I’ve been a Superintendent for over 18 years now. What I like most about the construction process is the ability to move from location to location, and seeing a project come to life. It’s this ever-changing environment that keeps me excited every day.


Jeremy P

Project Manager

About Jeremy

From college to construction laborer, to Assistant Project Manager and now Project Manager, these 23 years have no doubt exposed me to the industry.  While I will never know it all, I continue to gain and absorb new knowledge each day.  I enjoy the sense of accomplishment seeing a project aesthetically progress coupled with the excitement and pleasure experienced by our customers.  This gratification is why I chose the industry.  With a relentless and tenacious approach, I strive to leave no stone unturned and take every construction challenge head on.  This company wide, detailed and intimate model for managing our projects is why, I believe, we continue to have success.


Jerry W

Project Manager

About Jerry

As a Project Manager, I really enjoy the problem-solving nature of my job. On each project, there will be a unique set of challenges to overcome and I enjoy problem solving and working with my project partners and vendors to overcome those challenges. Throughout the course of a project, my goal is that my clients don’t feel any stresses of those challenges and that they actually view the project as exciting and stress-free.


John S


About John

I got into the construction trades through a different route than most of my colleagues. I started off doing fine furniture, antique restoration, custom cabinetry and executive aircraft interiors. At the end of the day, I simply enjoy making things that make others happy. The pure craftsmanship of it gives me joy. I try to live my life by the motto “Age Quod Agis.” Meaning, “Do well whatever you do.”


Justin B


About Justin

I’ve been in the construction industry off and on for the greater part of 20 years. I started off doing residential building construction and was a partner in a shared drywall business. It was within these jobs where I found that I really liked the mobility the job brought. I could work on projects anywhere and everywhere they were needed. I think my clients really respect my great eye for detail. Some might call me a perfectionist. I just like making things look nice for others.


Kristi R

Marketing and Business Development

About Kristi

I grew up in the construction industry, but started in it professionally at Diversified after I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for Business and Marketing. I always knew I wanted to work in this industry, and I have enjoyed the evolving nature of the industry and my position. I love visiting our projects and meeting our clients. It’s rewarding to see our clients so excited about their project and to be a part of the team that made it all come together. I approach my work, peers and clients with candor and a desire to help.


Matt B

Project Manager

About Matt

I went to Mankato State and graduated with a degree in Construction Management — eventually leading me to a career in Project Management. Prior to joining Diversified Construction, I managed projects in the Retail and Education space. While I loved the work, I missed fast-track projects with high-end finishes. At Diversified, I get to experience those every day while also solving unique problems and helping people. At the end of every project, I hope every client feels as if they were my only client.

Mike Q


About Mike


Pat P


About Pat

I got my introduction to the construction industry as a carpenter over 30 years ago. It was a skill that turned into a passion for me. I really enjoy the whole building process — from seeing the first set of blue prints and working with all our project partners to seeing the final project come to life. Knowing that I played a part in creating the vision of our clients is really rewarding. One thing I never expected was the number of lifelong friends I’d make who started off as my clients; it’s truly a wonderful industry with wonderful people.

Patty P

Office Administrator

About Patty

I came into the construction industry by way of the retail industry. Two completely different focuses, but both gave me the opportunity to help others — something I truly love. I approach every day, every opportunity and every one with the same respect I’d want to receive. My colleagues would say I’m a hard worker — with a great laugh!


Scott T


About Scott

I’ve done it all in my many years in the construction industry. I was a residential homebuilder and carpenter for nearly 20 years. After that, I became a superintendent and really enjoyed the new challenges it brought. I love the whole building process — from building to the finish product to seeing the smiles on the clients’ faces. It’s great. And I couldn’t be happier sharing the experience with all the hardworking, honest and loyal colleagues at Diversified.


Tom S


About Tom

Construction is in my blood. I got into the trades because my dad and brother were both carpenters. I started my career doing residential and commercial insulation and residential carpentry and trim framing. I’ve been doing this for a long time and still enjoy the daily challenges that come my way. For me, it gives me the opportunity to show off my skills and to “build it like I own it.”


Tony S

General Laborer

About Tony